With the sunny days from 2021 almost over its apparent Fall is ready to begin in Portland! Next time you venture outside to tend the garden or mow the lawn, take a few moments to check up on your home’s paint. Most conventional sidings need to be repainted every 3-7 years, but conducting a yearly exterior inspection of your house can save you thousands in dry rot repairs.

Exterior Paint Check upExterior Paint Checkup

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Exterior Paint Checkup: Self-Inspection

A new coat always gives your home a fresh look, but ignoring a degrading paint job can quickly lead to water and pest intrusion. Are you going to need house painting this year?

Exterior Paint Inspection: What should you be looking for?

Soft spots: through your inspection be on the lookout for areas of your home that are soft to the touch and saturated with water. Carefully check your window sills and other areas that are accessible to rain and sun. Remembering back to Dry Rot 101, most wood rot is fungi. The longer it’s left to sit without intervention, the more rot proliferates.

Generally, there are two major ways time and weather can wreak havoc on your paint, discoloration and degradation. While discoloration (bleeding, fading, etc) can be a friendly reminder that it’s time for a repainting, it often can be an early sign of paint degradation.

Degradation (bubbling, cracking, flaking or peeling) are red flags which point towards weather exposure, water intrusion, or a defect in paint application. While the breakdown of paint is only natural in high exposure areas, premature paint failure can shed light on problems that should be addressed soon.

After paint, caulking is the next weatherization barrier. Around your windows and between siding planks, check your caulking for rigidity and seal. If your caulking has cracks or is not adhered to your home, it is no longer sealing out water.

With a little luck, your exterior paint checkup or self-inspection will show exterior paint with a few years left and strong caulking. If you see signs of paint degradation or caulk failure, it’s time to call in an expert. Painting schedules are filling up; call today to schedule a free consultation!