A house painting inspection is essential to keeping your home looking fresh and up to date. It’s an essential step when owning a home that can help your home keep its value if you stay up to date on any minor repairs or paint projects. So, if you have us come out to your home we will inspect the exterior of your home if you don’t have any outstanding siding to be done, the SFW painting crew will move on to pressure washing, scraping, and masking your home. You’ll be on your way to a great looking coating!

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Our crews are not only expert painters in Portland, but they’re also well versed in how your home’s exterior weather barriers should function. Upon arriving at your home, a paint supervisor will do a full exterior house painting inspection and share with you any repairs that must be completed before painting can begin. This is an important part of our process and why many of our customers in the Pacific Northwest recommend us. Our crew members will explain why the repair is important, and what part it plays in the finished quality of your project. By completing whatever repairs are needed your home will be ready for a new paint job.  And if you have any questions, please don’t be afraid to ask any supervisor or crew member questions about your house painting inspection!