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What is humidity and is your house paint affected by it? Humidity means that there are particles of moisture in the air that can negatively affect interior painting projects. Damp air makes it difficult for the paint to dry, and if the paint does not dry quickly it can affect how the product adheres to the wall. The ideal setting for a beautify and the long-lasting interior paint job is a warm and dry environment.

How Do I Decide When The Right Time To Paint Is?


The paint contains a complex blend of chemicals and compounds, anything that alters it will completely change the final finish.

High Humidity

  • Streak Staining
    • Brown or white streaks of discoloration
  • Alters the components of the paint
    • Protective qualities change
    • Introduces water into the paint-film
  • Creates water vapor in the air and on paint surfaces which:
    • Adds solvent, thins the final product and prevents it from drying uniformly

Low Humidity

  • Air will grab moisture from whatever it can absorbing small particles of paint
    • Altering or damaging the appearance
  • Fills the pores with moisture
    • Making it dry out or crack and peel


Extreme heat or blistering cold affect paint drastically, if it’s too hot the paint will dry rapidly and if it’s too cold the paint will not dry at all.

Hot Temperature

  • Paint can develop:
    • Bumps
    • Blisters
  • Paint can experience defects:
    • Lifting
    • Cracking
    • Discoloration
  • Paint on the surface can dry before the lower layers do

Cold Temperature

  • Freezing Temperature can cause:
    • Film Cracking
    • Color Consistentcy Problems
    • Water Spotting or Crystalized Paint
    • Inconsitent Dry Time

Will My House Paint Be Affected By Humidity?

The hot muggy summer months normally bring the humidity to The Pacific Northwest. What about the winter and cold temperatures? The ideal interior temperature for the optimal outcome for your interior painting project is about 60 to 65 degrees. Most homes in the northwest have turned up the heater for the winter. So, with the low humidity and furnaces running this is the best time to handle your interior paint project. As the go-to contractor in Oregon and Washington SFW Construction can also handle other home improvement projects making it easier to get all your work done in a timely fashion.