Remember that rotten siding and ineffective weatherization are the number one reason for failed paint. Correcting these issues can save you thousands of dollars by extending the lifetime of your paint.

Are siding repairs necessary before painting begins?

At heart SFW Construction is not only a painting contractor, but we’re a full service exterior contractor. Currently, we have 8 construction crews rolling through the Portland, Vancouver and metro areas. The process of house painting is simple, but a great paint job takes attention to detail. Occasionally, our paint supervisors will notice a minor siding, flashing, or structural detail repair that should be addressed before moving forward.

The painting project is only as good as the building it is applied to. If there is any damage to the siding, windows, doors, or any other exterior issues they must be addressed prior to painting. Otherwise the painting will not turn out as well as you would like.

We have over 30 journeyman and master level carpenters on call ready to address any issues from flashing to dry rot.