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Antique Windows Require Professional Attention

Painting antique windows is a challenge; it requires professional attention and care as they are delicate with years of mileage on them. Our lead removal techniques allow us to take most windows all the way down to its original raw unfinished state, depending on the quality of the wood, staining becomes an option as well as repainting. Like with Tony’s home (see video), it was built in 1910, and the windows have years of charm and character that need to be highlighted. In the video, you get a sample of the process we go through to restore older windows. Since we have experience in painting many different styles of homes, we have no problem working with windows, any size, any pane configuration, and any style. We enjoy this process as we specialize in lead paint removal, interior and exterior house painting, and historical home restoration.

Professional Paint Contractor

Paint that is chipping, cracking, peeling, and flaking are all examples of lead paint needing professional attention. When removing lead paint from an older home, we setup proper lead paint containment, use the correct tools, technique, and safety practices to prepare the surface for the best results. In the example from the video, we are removing lead paint off of a wooden sash window in a 1910 Bungalow Home. If you have an older home you may be thinking why not just replace the windows? Restoration, as opposed to replacement, is usually a simple choice for us due to durability. Restoring an older window keeps the wood used on older homes which surpasses 100 years and continues to stand strong, so why replace it with new less “strong” wood.

Antique Window Restoration

The process of restoring an antique window starts with removing the failing window glazing. Window glazing is a technique of applying a putty glaze to the edges of the glass manually. Cutting the glaze with a glazing tool or a putty knife at a 45-degree angle to ensure that rain cannot compile and sit on any surface of the window is key. Most failing paint on a wood window from before 1978 is lead-based, and the cracking and peeling usually starts with the failed glazing. Being is that most windows today are vinyl or aluminum, window glazing is becoming a lost art that most modern painters don’t practice. And it’s something we excel in.

Protect Glass Windows

To protect the leaded glass on the windows, we like to spray liquid masking material on the interior or exterior to protect the glass from coming into any contact with the paint. If you have any broken or damaged glass prior to this, we have no problem replacing single broken pane or damaged glass. Once we finish with the liquid mask, we can prime the window trim, paint the wood around the window and ensure its full functionality. At the end of this process, we use an Exacto knife to remove liquid masking to get razor-sharp lines on the edge glass.

Testimonial From Homeowner

“SFW was really careful with the these over 100-year-old windows, original leaded glass, sash wades with sash cords. Went in taped, masked did everything possible to make sure windows were still opening and closing right, being super careful not to get paint on the glass and really cleaned it up super well. It looks brand new!”

SFW Construction Is The Contractor For You

With our experience, dedication, and appreciation for painting, we enjoy bringing the best out of our client’s homes. We pride our selves on attention to detail and satisfying our customer’s project needs. Whether the scope of the project ranges from old to new house, or small repairs to large repairs, SFW Construction is the contractor for you.