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What To Know Before Painting Your House

Are you thinking about repainting your home? Repainting can update the appearance of your home, protect your siding against the elements, and even raise the value of your property. The process of repainting a house appears to be very simple on the surface. However, it is much more than selecting a color and having a painter apply it to your home. There are some critical steps that, if skipped, will lead to additional issues down the road. Avoid investing your time and money into a cover-up job by ensuring your painter is not making these common exterior painting mistakes.

Prepare Your Home For Paint

The first step in avoiding exterior painting mistakes that should be taken and never overlooked is properly preparing the home for paint. The steps mainly include pressure washing your home’s exterior areas, removing any built-up dirt and debris. In fact, if not taken care of, leftover dirt will prevent the paint from bonding properly with the siding, and this can cause premature peeling, bubbling, and chipping, ruining your new paint job. Depending on the time from the last paint job, there may be pieces of paint cracking or chipping. Remove loose areas of paint, or they will continue to crack under the new paint.

The other benefit of pressure washing is that it can reveal areas of the siding that require repair. While this may not seem like a benefit, the earlier you notice any siding damage, the better it is. As overlooking any structural house damage can cause it to spread.

Be Aware Of Siding Damage

Not repairing siding damage is one significant but widespread exterior painting mistake regularly made during a home’s repainting process. Some houses will go a decade or more without being repainted. At this time, they are bound to be areas of the siding that have been subjected to damage. Those issues could be from impacts, accidents, or nature taking its toll on the siding. Some people will tell you; you can paint over minor dents, cracks, or areas of rot and possibly “seal it up,” this is far from the truth.

Painting over these areas can lead to more significant problems as time goes on. Siding and paint do more than give your home its appearance and character. The house’s siding and the paint that goes over it protect the inner structure of your home’s construction. If areas of damage are left unattended, your new paint job will not protect your home as long as you may be depending on it too. Additionally, rot on the siding will continue to spread and become a much larger issue, leaving you needing a repair.

Confirm Your House Does Not Have Lead Paint

A third mistake that can be a severe problem is not considering the possibility that the current paint on your home may contain lead. Before 1978, most houses in the United States were painted using lead-based paint. The disruption of lead in the paint can cause serious health issues and damage to the environment around your home. If you are planning to hire a painting contractor and you suspect that the paint on your home may contain lead, ensure that the contractor holds the proper certifications from the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). You may have to encapsulate or abate the lead paint on your home. Suppose the painter you want to work with is not qualified to work with lead paint. In that case, you will need to find a licensed contractor capable of handling the possibly toxic paint before your painter can proceed.

Professional House Painters

Taking the time to find a qualified painter is the most crucial step in repainting your home. While home repairs can become expensive, investing in quality work on your home will be worth it in the long run. Short cuts in the painting process will only lead to spending more money to fix issues with the initial repaint. The money you think will be saving with an unqualified painter will be spent fixing mistakes made. Ask your painter about what products they will be using, including brands. If you are unfamiliar with those products, consider taking some time to research them and their reputation. Some products are intended to be used in specific regions and environments. Ensure the products you are using on your home fit the area you live and the weather you will receive.

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