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Paint Trends Of 2021

2021 has seen two main sets of popular exterior house paint schemes, with many top paint colors to consider. Lighter colors featuring warm creamy whites, greys, pale blues, earthy greens, and even beige are in high demand. In contrast, darker colors, such as black, bronze, navy blue, dark greys, and warm browns, are also rising. Of course, when you choose exterior paint colors for your home, you might want to combine light and dark colors in the overall scheme. 

Popular Exterior House Paint Colors to Consider

Trends come and go. While trending exterior paint colors are a good indication of what might appeal to you, we at SFW Painting want you to be sure to choose the right colors. Ones that delight your eyes and make your heart soar. After all, your home is a long-term investment, and choosing an exterior paint scheme will result in an aesthetic that may last for years. Besides, your home is your palace, and we believe the way you paint it is more than a matter of style; it’s a choice that can make you happy and content for days to come.

Having specialized in all areas of home restoration, we have a special knack for helping you choose exterior paint combinations. For decades, we have transformed homes from ordinary houses to unique and picturesque dwellings. 

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Popular Exterior Paint Combinations

White house paint combined with black shutters and dark roofing creates an excellent accent effect. Another provocative paint scheme is dark grey or navy blue house paint with white trim. Add a burgundy red door to these contrasting color combinations, and you’ve got three shades of color that compliment each other splendidly. Combining lighter and darker paint colors is an exterior paint stylistic, creating a desirable effect that is perhaps perennial. 

While contrasting colors blend wonderfully, the monotone stylistic is also valuable. We can use a monotone style to create a seamless impact using lighter or darker exterior paint colors. For instance, ivory house paint with ivory roofing incorporates mild earthy tones. Alongside the ivory, a lighter-colored wood door is tripartite, creating a marvelous exterior home paint effect. Using variations on a theme, including various shades of a given color, contains its subtle contrasts within an overall focused portion of the color spectrum.

Your Interior Paint and Home Environment

In considering the exterior paint scheme for your home, you might want to balance the colors on the exterior with those on the interior. For instance, if you paint the exterior of your home a darker color, one paint scheme philosophy contends the interior paint should be bright. So, if you paint the outside darker color and the inside lighter, you can offset and complement the effect. Contra-wise, if the exterior of your home is a lighter color, you might consider warmer colors for the inside.

Another primary point of reference for choosing your exterior house paint is to consider how the colors will look in relationship to the environment

Does your home have an ample yard with lots of green nature around it? Is it located in an open and stark desert environment? Or is it scrunched tightly between many other homes? So, we recommend knowing the different color schemes and painting techniques. If you don’t know them, don’t worry. We will frame the exterior paint color schemes in this context.  

Choosing the Paint Colors That Are Right For You

While the most popular exterior house paint colors for 2021 include a range of whimsical options. Such as; turquoise, butter yellow, colonial blue, light pink, and barn red. We like to emphasize that, regardless of what is trending, the colors that speak to you are the ones you should choose. You are the one who will come home to see your unique dwelling, and we believe everyone should feel a little thrill each time the car pulls into the driveway. Behold the place you live!

The colors you paint the exterior of your home can have an uplifting impact on your mood. Perhaps you’ve always had a secret love for the color purple, and you are daring enough to consider painting your home to fulfill a dream. At SFW Painting, we inform you of the many popular color combinations and trends. Most importantly, we hope to support the vision you have for your home.

As the queen or king of your castle, you get to decide how the walls get painted, the color scheme, technique, or pattern. Unless you live within an area regulated by a homeowners group that limits your exterior home color choices, you have to get your preferences approved. If you don’t have the freedom of choice, we work with you within the given range of options to find an exterior paint color scheme that you like. Our free estimate of exterior home painting covers all the trending and available colors and techniques you can imagine. But above and beyond everything, our top priority is helping you find an exterior home paint scheme that makes you happy.

Leading Exterior Paint Brands

The top exterior paint brands include Behr, Benjamin Moore, and Glidden. However, at SFW Painting, we have our personal favorites based on years of handiwork and experience. Our tastes, some of the finest paint brands featuring the top paint colors are Rodda, Miller, and Sherwin Williams. After painting hundreds of homes throughout the rainy and inclement Pacific Northwest, we’ve found that these paint brands perform fantastically. These brands provide outstanding protection for homes that must endure rainforest weather conditions. 

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